“Thinking Space | Clinical Psychology”
Lisa Benjamin

A well respected clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice, in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Has over 20 years of extensive clinical experience, excellent qualifications and training.

A diverse private practice specialising in work with children, adolescents, adults and couples. Works closely with parents, guardians, medical practitioners, school counsellors and community members, ensuring a well informed support network. Lisa has a wealth of experience in adult and child public health services, public and private schools and community groups. She is a supervisor and consultant to businesses and clinical psychology practices around Sydney.

Lisa utilises an unique and integrated approach, incorporating various techniques from well researched sources and is not limited to a single system of intervention. Treatment is informed by evidence based therapies, detailed study of human development and an understanding of those aspects of experience, which promote psychological and emotional growth and those which impede the process.

By facilitating thinking, understanding, hope and possibility, people are able to manage well with life demands, to transform the issues that inhibit growth and to utilise personal potential.

"Give yourself the space to think!"